[+]--In The Name Of God--[+]

Hacked By [+]--[TU]Hamed[RK]--[+] And [+]--Ehsan DX--[+]
We are Anonymous The Best [+]-Hacker-[+]
We Are The Real Brothers.
The Enemy Does Not Like.
The Enemy Is Not Our Knees..
We Love MorPhiN3 And We Will Fight To The
Last Drop..
And no person not as strong Iranian hackers..
Ah this is why he writes..
At The End Of The !!!$tory!!!
My Brother : [+]--Moji Wild,Moji AproOoX,Ehsan DX,Ho3iN StariXxxX,Mor! Chr1StenseN,Sab3-R MorPhiN3,AriaN tHiNkE,Ali DantE,AmiR DragoN,Ali GoolaKh,AmiR SpankY--[+]
[+]--And All Member's Of MorPhiN3 BaX--[+]
[+]--Dont Forget We--[+]